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Subject: RE: VF 160

If you have VF160 version 1.10 and up, you can update software via onboard

Please find an attached software update file for VF160 V.2.05


If the file is zipped, unzip it first, then simply
burn it onto a blank CD ( making a data disk).

Remove the CD from PC and load it to VF160.

Power Off and wait for 10 seconds and Power On.

VF160 automatically goes into system update mode by LCD displaying;

VF160MV2.05-------------File name of the system update, you are upgrading 
02/02/20 Ver1.10 Sure?---This is your current revision number, if you
currently have version 1.10.

The above example, you are upgrading from V.1.10 to V.2.05
Press [ENTER/YES] to start upgrading or re-writing flush ROM inside the

You should see "Loading" then "Writing" then VF160 reboots the system

NOTE: If VF160 is stuck with "Writing" in the LCD display, DONOT POWER OFF.
Wait for at least 3 minutes then Power Off.

When you turn On the VF160 next time, VF160 should boot up with the 
software version you just updated which is version 2.05.

VF-160 re-enters to system update mode again by showing:

VF160MV2.05. -------------File name of the system update, you are upgrading
to V.2.05

03/03/12 Ver2.05. Sure?---This is your current revision number.

Since the software is already upgraded, the version number on the first 
and second line are same.

Press [EXIT/NO] to exit from system update mode. VF160 ejects the diskette
from the CD-1A.



Best Regards,

Matt Suzuki

Fostex Product Support.