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How to update software on VF-16

1.    Down load update file from our site. The file is compressed with WinZip, unzip this file. This process creates file     name “vf-16mv3.04”, where 3.04 is the software revision number, depending on the version you are downloading you may     have different number.
2.    Copy this file to a newly formatted Zip disk. This file should be in the root directory of the disk.
3.    Make sure VF-16 and Zip drive are both Powered Off, Connect SCSI Zip drive to VF-16’s SCSI port via 25-50 pin adapter     or proper SCSI cable.
    Note: Make sure you are using a SCSI Zip drive, the SCSI Zip drive have two small slide switches between the SCSI     connectors, one for SCSI ID 5 or 6, and other switch is TERMINATION ON or OFF, if you do not see these switches, you     Zip drive is not SCSI Zip drive. If you do not have a SCSI drive, do not proceed, connecting a parallel Zip drive may     damage VF-16 or the Zip drive.
4.    Power On Zip drive first and insert the diskette.
5.    Power On VF-16.
6.    VF-16 searches the file and finds it and automatically goes into updated mode.
7.    The first line should say “VF-16MV3.04” this is the version you are updating to;
    The second line should say “yy/mm/dd Ver1.04” where “yy/mm/dd Ver1.04” is the calendar date the old software (your     current software version in your machine) and “ver1.04” is the software version in the machine, you may have     different number. “Sure?” should be blinking after the Version number.
8.    Press ENTER/YES key.
9.    VF-16’s display shows “Loading”, “Writing”, etc after a while; 
    The first line say VF-16MV3.04
    The second line yy/mm/dd Ver3.04
    if you updated to Version 3.04, if you upgraded to different version, you will see the different version number, The     important thing is version number on the first line and the second line should be same. 
    ”Sure?” should be blinking, Press EXIT/NO to exit from update mode.
10.    Power off both machine and disconnect the Zip drive from VF-16. 
11.    Power on VF-16 and watch the display while initializing, confirm the software version.

Note on SCSI drive: When connected to VF-16, SCSI ID can be 5 or 6, but termination switch need to be set to ON.
If you have a SCSI Jazz drive, it is same procedure.